Police said that following a midday shooting at an outlet mall in a Dallas suburb on Saturday, at least nine people—including the shooter—were killed and seven more were injured.

While responding to a different report at 3:36 p.m., an officer from the Allen Police Department heard gunshots at the Allen Premium Outlets. Afterward, he discovered and “neutralised” the gunman, according to Brian Harvey, the police chief for the Allen Police Department, who spoke at a news conference on Saturday night. According to him, the gunman is thought to have operated alone.

According to the department’s previous tweet, the officer then requested emergency support, and a coordinated multi-agency response helped secure the mall.

“This is an ongoing, active investigation,” Harvey stated.

According to Allen Fire Department Chief Jonathan Boyd, nine victims were taken to local hospitals while seven people, including the shooter, were pronounced dead at the site. According to him, out of the nine hospitalised patients, two have now passed away, three are in critical condition, and four are in stable condition.

Eight patients, ranging in age from 5 to 61, were being treated, according to a written statement from Medical City Healthcare, a hospital group in the Dallas region.

A gunman appears to exit a car on the driver’s side before opening fire in front of the outlet mall, according to a dash cam footage shared on social media.

Numerous ambulances, armoured trucks, and police cars arrived at the area. Police were observed escorting hundreds of people away from the mall as they were evacuated from the area, some of whom had their hands raised.

Fontayne Payton, 35, was in an H&M store when he heard gunfire through the headphones he was sporting, according to the Associated Press. He said, “It was so loud, it sounded like it was outside.”

“I hope it goes without saying that our deepest sympathies are with the families of the victims,” Police Chief Harvey stated.

“This is a tragedy,” Harvey declared. People will be seeking solutions. And we only regret the loss that families are going through.

Gregg Abbott, the governor of Texas, said in a statement that he had spoken with both Steven McCraw, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, and Ken Fulk, the mayor of Allen. The governor said, “Our hearts are with the people of Allen, Texas tonight during this unspeakable tragedy,” and he had “offered the full support of the State of Texas to local officials to ensure that all necessary assistance and resources, including DPS officers, Texas Rangers, and investigative resources are swiftly deployed.”

Collin County is part of U.S. Rep. Keith Self’s congressional district, and he tweeted: “We are horrified by the horrific news of the shootings that occurred at the Allen Premium Outlets today. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the responding law enforcement, Self added.

According to a statement from the White House, President Biden had been informed of the incident and was in contact with local and law enforcement authorities to provide support.

roughly 25 miles north of Dallas’s city centre lies Allen, which has a population of roughly 109,000.

On Sunday at 5 o’clock at Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, there will be a vigil

This story is still developing. Later it would be shown that several things the media stated were inaccurate. We will concentrate on information provided by police officers and other authorities, dependable media sources, and reporters who are present. As the situation changes, we will provide updates.

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