While Ukraine is “very well prepared” for a counteroffensive against Russia, the senior US general told CNN on Monday that it is “too early to tell what outcomes are going to happen.”

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley stated in an exclusive interview with Oren Liebermann from Normandy, France, “They’re in a war that’s an existential threat for the very survival of Ukraine and has greater meaning for the rest of the world — for Europe, really for the United States, but also for the globe.”

As the crisis in Ukraine rages on, Milley, who is retiring this year, is in Normandy to mark the 79th anniversary of the 1944 D-Day invasion, a significant World crisis II operation he termed the “greatest amphibious invasion in human history.”

The US and its allies have been supplying Ukraine with weapons for months in preparation for the counteroffensive, which was scheduled to begin in the spring. The United States most recently said that it will fund an international initiative to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter planes. Because of the “training, ammunition, advice, and intelligence” that the US and its allies have given, according to Milley, Ukraine is ready for the counteroffensive.

Russian claims that it has previously thwarted a “large magnitude

Despite the fact that they haven’t shown any proof, they say that the assertion is “offensive” in southern Donetsk.

As alleged Ukrainian drone strikes hit within Moscow and a shelling attack was launched in Belgorod, the war has apparently started to seep into Russia. When asked on Monday if such strikes ran the danger of intensifying the war, Milley responded that there was “always risk” of it happening and that the US was monitoring it “very, very carefully.”

Last Monday, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that the US thinks Ukraine’s counteroffensive “will allow Ukraine to take strategically important territory back from Russia.”

In order to undermine Russian operations, a network of operatives and supporters within Russia has reportedly started receiving drones from Ukraine, according to a report on CNN on Monday. That is

There is no proof that the pro-Ukraine individuals were involved in the latest drone strikes, but authorities told CNN they had detected an increase in assaults within Russian territory.

One person familiar with US intelligence claimed that certain Ukrainians had been pushing to be more aggressive “for months now.” And senior echelons have undoubtedly shown some desire. Their capacity to achieve it has always been the difficulty.

According to a representative of the director of the Ukrainian Security Service, they would only comment on “instances of ‘cotton’ after our victory,” using the colloquial term for explosives used in Ukraine.

According to the spokesman, who spoke on behalf of the Ukrainian Security Service’s Vasyl Malyuk, strikes inside of Russia will continue.”Cotton” has been burning, is burning, and will keep burning,” the author said.


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