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On May 14, 2023, the well-known actor Murphy Afolabi died away at the age of 49. Accidentally falling in the loo, Afolabi hurt his head, which ultimately resulted in his death. After he celebrated his birthday on May 5, 2023, the news was announced a few days later. Tunde Old-Yusuf, a film producer and director, also announced Afolabi’s passing on Facebook. Fathia Afolabi, Murphy Afolabi’s daughter, is his only heir. On his Instagram, Murphy used to post images with Fathia very frequently. The news has greatly shocked the whole Nollywood business, and since the actor’s passing, condolences have been flooding in for him. Here is all the information you want about the Nollywood Yoruba star.

Murphy Afolabi: who was he?

On May 5, 1974, Murphy Afolabi, a well-known figure in Nigeria’s Nollywood film industry, was born. After receiving a diploma in theatre arts and film production from Osun State Polytechnic in Iree, he began his acting career in 2001.

Murphy Afolabi appeared in nearly 60 films throughout the course of his remarkable career, including well-known films like “Ifa Olokun,” “Omowunmi,” “Jimi Bendel,” “Wasila Coded,” “Olokiki Oru,” “Idera,” “Osun the Goddess,” “Bi a se b’eru,” “The Ghost and the Tout,” “Mafi Wonmi,” and “Blackout.”

Murphy Afolabi was a skilled screenwriter and filmmaker in addition to being an actor. He served as the CEO of Fatuns Films Production, displaying his inventiveness and commitment to the business.

Murphy Afolabi, in a terrible occurrence in 2021, managed to escape from a heist where

He was the target of armed assailants. He took a bullet, but he made it out alive while others died.

Numerous sincere condolences honouring Murphy Afolabi’s accomplishments and lamenting the loss of a beloved person have been sent in since his passing.

Afolabi Murphy’s private life

Murphy Afolabi, better known by his stage name, was born in Osun State, Nigeria, on May 9, 1974. He was one of seven kids raised in a polygamous family in Oroki Asala, Osogbo. Although he was actually named Olalekan Olatunbosun Afolabi, he changed his name for his acting career to Murphy Afolabi. He was the third child of his father and the eldest son of the Afolabi family, who were raised as conservative Muslims.

Murphy Afolabi spent the most of his formative years in Osogbo, the state capital of Osun. He attended the Junior and Senior Secondary High School for Islamic Boys in Ansar-ud-u-deen. Later, at Osun State Polytechnic in Iree, he pursued Theatre Arts and Film Production.

received a degree. He received a Higher National Diploma from Iree Poly in 2001.

Murphy Afolabi was a talented screenwriter, director, and producer in addition to being an actor. He was the owner of Fatuns Films Production as well as Murphy Afolabi TV, a much-liked YouTube channel. He also oversaw the prosperous Schemelink travel firm.

Murphy Afolabi had a secluded life despite his notoriety. He had been happily married for almost twenty years, but he knew very little about his wife and who she was. Together, they gave birth to three children: Afolabi Olamilekan and Okikiola Afolabi, two boys, and Afolabi Fathia Moyosore, a girl.

Murphy Afolabi died suddenly on May 5, 2023, only 10 days after celebrating his 49th birthday, leaving a vacuum in the Nigerian film industry. On social media, his colleagues in the entertainment industry shared their sorrow and paid respect to his ability and accomplishments.

What made Murphy Afolabi so well-known?


Young actor Murphy began his acting career in 1998 and had early coaching from veteran Fasasi Olabankewin, commonly known as Dagunro. Following his appearance in the film “Omo Rapala,” he experienced enormous success. The Yoruba movie actor, who has over 25 years of experience in the business, has recently gained notoriety among many GenZers because to his endearing Osun accent and H-factor. Despite having a wealth of film industry expertise, Afolabi is mostlyHis recognisable heavy Osun state Yoruba accent and dialect have made him a well-known meme figure. His distinctive Osun accent and vernacular have grown to be his most recognisable hallmarks, in addition to his unquestionable acting skill and street reputation. He was a well regarded producer who had a long list of hit films before his tragic passing.

The most well-liked films of Murphy

Actor Murphy Afolabi, from Nigeria, is well-known for his many Yoruba films that highlight the traditions and values of the Oduduwa people. He has created several epic Yoruba films as well as videos that show what street gang members in Southwestern regions live like. Idera, Wasila Coded, Omo Rapala, Ifa Olokun, Jimi Bendel, Olokiki Oru, Omowunmi, and Malaika Dudu are a few of his best-known works.

Murphy Afolabi’s earnings

Murphy Afolabi is well-known for owning several homes and vehicles, which suggests a substantial net worth estimated at $400,000.

Why did Murphy Afolabi pass away?

According to sources, on May 14, 2023, famed actor Murphy Afolabi, 49, died as a result of a head injury. He unintentionally fell in his bathroom, hurting his head, and then passed away at home in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Film producer and director Tunde Old-Yusuf made the announcement of Afolabi’s passing on his Facebook page. Yusuf posted a photo of Murphy Afolabi with the words, “REST IN PEACE…God provide the family and close friends the strength to endure the loss. Until tomorrow, Muphy Afolabi.On social media, Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo, who is well-known for her work in films, also expressed her sorrow over Afolabi’s loss. “Hmmmmmmmmmm, this death news knows how to kill someone’s joy,” the author said. If a heart attack doesn’t strike you right away, shock absorber… Murphy Afolabi rests on after passing away too soon. I feel as though I should have finished my writing sooner or left it to rest.


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