Ja Morant and Xavier Tillman

Ja Morant, a standout for the Memphis Grizzlies, seemed to show a pistol in a video on Instagram Live on Saturday night when he was riding with pals.

In the video, Morant and several buddies can be seen dancing as she is in the backseat. The companion holding the phone then grabbed it away from the Grizzlies point guard and pointed it towards his shoulder as he then pretended to pull the pistol out to flaunt it for the camera.

On social media, a picture purporting to be of Morant holding the weapon quickly gained popularity.

Over the course of the season, Morant has drawn attention due to many claims accusing him of misbehaviour. It all reached a boiling point earlier this year when he was seen brandishing a pistol at a Denver bar, despite the fact that he was never prosecuted in any of the events.

In March, he received an eight-game suspension and booked himself into a stress management facility.

The off-court events may have caused a distracted squad, according to Morant, who confirmed this after the Grizzlies were bounced from the playoffs.

Ja Morant backs down

Morant told ESPN last month, “I’ve simply got to be better with my decision-making. “That’s basically it. Off-court concerns largely had an impact on our organisation. Simply more discipline is required.

It was one of a few problems that surfaced.

The Indiana Pacers said that a red laser was pointed at the team from an SUV that was transporting Morant following an argument between Morant’s friends and the Pacers in January, which the Pacers mistook for a pistol. After looking into the event, the NBA concluded that “no one threatened others with a weapon.”

According to a police complaint from March, Morant reportedly pulled out a pistol after assaulting a youngster the previous summer.

In a casual basketball game at Morant’s residence, The Washington Post reported that Morant reportedly hit the adolescent “12 to 13 times” in the head. The complaint claims that following the argument, Morant walked into his home and came out holding a revolver in his waist.




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