About 35 minutes into the press conference, Jake Paul was responding to a question when Nate Diaz, who would soon challenge him, put his hat on backward, stood up, and left the podium.

Is this dude going anywhere? Paul queried.

Paul was informed by MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani, who was presiding over the events at American Airlines Centre, that Diaz was “going to the loo.” Paul lowered his head and massaged his forehead with his right hand.

“Jesus Christ,” affirmed Paul. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Many people will definitely use those same words to describe the buildup to Paul vs. Diaz and the bout itself.

Paul, a former YouTube sensation turned prizefighter who earned a fortune by getting under people’s skin on social media, is on one side. Paul has completely altered the face of boxing. On the other side is Diaz, a grizzled former UFC star with a sizable cult following who choked out Conor McGregor and developed a reputation as someone who will fight anybody at any time in any place, a claim he does not mind reiterating frequently. Diaz also has a history of winning in unconventional circumstances.

On August 5, Paul and Diaz will square off in a boxing contest here. But on Tuesday, they had their first joint press conference, and there was a wealth of intriguing information, notes, and insights.

After defeating former NBA player Nate Robinson in November 2020, Paul stated in interviews that one of his main objectives was to one day fight UFC star Conor McGregor. Paul claimed that McGregor was comparable to his former employer.

At the time, some people rolled their eyes. But during the past three years, Paul has established himself as one of boxing’s top stars. Paul thinks his dream battle is now more within reach than ever.

Paul told ESPN, “I envision a road plan where I beat Nate and then go to Conor McGregor. To defeat Nate [Diaz] and do what Conor couldn’t, it would be the largest combat sport match ever.

In 2016, Diaz and McGregor squared off twice. The first time, McGregor was submitted by Diaz. The second time, McGregor prevailed by a wide margin.

Because Diaz battled out of his UFC contract in September and became a free agent, the Paul vs. Diaz match has only now been announced. According to McGregor, his contract with the UFC still gives him two fights. Paul, however, asserted that he believes he can work out a deal with McGregor and the UFC for a boxing bout, similar to how McGregor was able to defeat Floyd Mayweather in 2017. Paul has had a hostile relationship with the UFC, especially with UFC president Dana White.

Paul stated of the UFC, “We’d have to work with them for sure.” “And I think that in the end, [the UFC] is a publicly listed company that needs to generate income, and if the financial potential is significant enough, which I believe it will be, then at some point Dana has to set his ego aside and say, ‘Hey, let’s do this.’ Additionally, Conor will want to earn a tonne of money and is probably under the impression that the fight would be simple.

Future trilogy fight between Diaz and McGregor is also quite likely. Diaz’s management had very early negotiations with the UFC regarding Diaz and McGregor coaching against each other before agreeing to this fight versus Paul.

Currently, Paul vs. Diaz is scheduled to go eight rounds. However, the two guys sparred a little bit at the press conference while discussing how long the fight lasted.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched Diaz’s MMA history that he wants the battle to last longer. Despite the fact that his most recent UFC fights were not the main event as is customary procedure, Diaz, who is renowned for his tremendous cardio, arranged for them to be five rounds. Diaz stated that he would want the fight to last 12 rounds since he views it as a championship-caliber contest.

I’ve been competing in championship rounds for all of time, Diaz said. “This appears to be quite championship-caliber. I’m not sure why we aren’t going 12 then.

Diaz believes that this battle needs to last at least as long as the 10-round boxing contest that McGregor and Mayweather had. Paul stated he would consent to a 15-round bout during the news conference. Diaz joked, “Brother, that’s illegal.”

Diaz remarked in slang, “Well, I know he is f—ing capping,” implying that Paul is lying. “You’re over here acting like ‘oh, 15 rounds,’ and I’m like, ‘You’re trying to blend it in so that no one notices so that it’s a joke and it goes away.'” Let’s go 12 rounds right now. I couldn’t care less.

If I’m going to be eliminated, it’s either going to happen right now or in the following three f—ing rounds. But if not, it’s as though you’re inI’m in serious danger, and I’m prepared to lose my head. Are you prepared to work yourself out and risk having your f—ing ass beaten and thrown to the ground?

After being captured on tape choking unconscious a social media influencer called Rodney Petersen, whose act is that he looks like Jake’s brother Logan, Diaz is now facing a felony second-degree assault accusation in New Orleans. According to Diaz’s team, it was self-defense. Tuesday inquiries regarding the circumstance were avoided by Diaz.

No one associated with the bout thinks Diaz’s legal issues will have an impact on the fight. The next court appearance for Diaz is set for June 28.

But Paul was rather frank about what he witnessed on the footage.

Paul called Diaz a bully and agreed. “I believe he targets individuals in the street and enjoys beating up helpless victims. I object to that. And he goes about seeming tough until he runs into someone who is truly down for the smoke, like today when he simply kept quiet.

He bullies everyone he thinks he can pick on, but now he stands in front of me and my security team and is completely silent.

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