It was one of “White Men Can’t Jump’s” underappreciated sequences.

Not the shoddy replica that Hulu debuted last month, but the actual 1992 motion picture masterpiece starring Wesley Snipes as Sidney Deane and Woody Harrelson as “Billy Ho.”

Harrelson puts a Jimi Hendrix cassette in the car after pulling off another on-court hustle, which starts a discussion between the two as Snipes tries to make a point.

The Hendrix music was playing as Snipes replied, “That’s what the problem is. You all listen.” You should be able to hear it. You all can’t hear Jimi; you listen; there is a difference between hearing and listening.

It is still accurate more than 30 years later.

simply another Jimmy.

Whatever happens in the NBA Finals, whether Miami accomplishes the seemingly impossible and defeats Goliath or the Nuggets carry the Larry O’Brien trophy as expected, it is painfully clear to Bulls supporters and the organisation what a grave error trading Jimmy Butler was in 2017.

It’s maybe the worst deal in Bulls history and one of the worst in the NBA during the past ten years.

the real kicker?

Butler had no desire to leave.

While the previous administration of Gar/Pax tried to control the story of why Butler had to be sent to Minnesota for a package containing Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, and Kris Dunn, it is now clear what really happened.

Bottom line: Jimmy was not heard by them.

The all-knowing guard was being heard, but nobody was paying attention.

That meant that I didn’t want to give him my maximum or even close to it. Due to Butler’s aggressive recruitment strategy for the roster, this meant not wanting to give up some control. The former leadership never really understood what they had inside their own building, though, and that is what is so upsetting.

A player that they themselves recruited, watched develop, but who they failed to recognise as a top-tier on-court apex predator.

Such errors not only leave an organisation hobbling, but also cripple it.

The Bulls still haven’t fully recovered six seasons later. Markkanen and Dunn are no longer there, and LaVine has demonstrated that he is Robin rather than Batman on a squad that has just one postseason victory since Butler was traded.

Butler has only led three different teams to the postseason during that span, twice led the Heat to the NBA Finals, and solidified his status as one of the finest playoff performances in recent memory.

He did this by alerting each club along the road that had overlooked his abilities.

He used a now-famous intrasquad scrimmage to show the Timberwolves how soft Karl-Anthony Towns & Co. were at the time, and he was very vocal about the 76ers investing maximum money in low-effort players like a Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons instead of building around himself and his good friend Joel Embiid. He made it very clear to the Bulls that the roster wasn’t going in the right direction.

Three franchises have all performed poorly.away from Butler.

Look, when it comes to honesty, Butler doesn’t always want to play nice. He doesn’t even give the regular season much thought, in all honesty.

At this stage of his career, the postseason means everything to Butler. Adversity is really tested at that point. He feels most at ease while overcoming challenges.

While the Bulls may take pride in the fact that they came within three minutes of defeating Butler and Miami in the play-in game on April 14, every round of the playoffs since has served to highlight just how far the Bulls have fallen short of Miami and players like Butler.

They are not alone either.

Twin Cities, Philadelphia They all made the same errors. Jimmy was heard by them.however, they didn’t hear him.

Now they can hear him.

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